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May. 13th, 2010 01:04 pm
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Sarah Williams, the Goblin Queen and rising star of Broadway. I'm either performing or away, so leave your messages.

((Muse is always open to RP or fic requests. She is based on RP events that have made her the Queen of the Labyrinth, seven years after her defeat of Jareth.))

Sarah Williams and all associated characters/settings belong to the Jim Henson Company. No harm or profit meant.
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I thought I was going to get to talk.

Not this time. I need to explain why you took up residence.

It's not...

Don't even finish that.

Because I ramble )

Sarah Williams
Labyrinth (Property of the Hensons, used only for fun, not profit)
~400 words

Full Prompt:
5. Mun Prompt: "With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere." - C. S. Lewis

Tell us how it all began. Where did that first spark of inspiration come from? Were you captivated by your character's performance on screen? Were you unable to put down your character's book? When did that muse's voice first speak up? Has your character's attitude and goals changed since you first started writing for them? What about their beliefs?
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It did not take her more than a day or two to realize that having Toby and Jareth under one roof was invitation to mass melee. She could not very well take Toby home; her father and stepmother were blissfully unaware of his loss, given the fact that a fetch that looked like Toby was right there. Toby of the right age, she reminded herself.

She also did not think taking Toby to her apartment, when she was splitting time between New York and the Goblin City, was a good idea. He might look fifteen or sixteen, but there was still a nine year old boy in there somewhere.

However, his absolute possessiveness over her was leaving her at her wits' end, when Jareth had every right to jealously want her time for himself. She was beginning to wonder if there was a winning solution this time, because as obnoxious as she had always found her brother, she still loved him and only wanted the best for him.

What was she going to do, and how was she going to mediate between the boy and her king?

Sarah Williams
Henson Owns; no rights' infringement intended
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~180 words
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Time ran differently in the faerie realms than the mortal one. A person or fae had to be most careful on how they moved from one to the other. Sarah had known this rule since she was a small child, even before Jareth had come for Toby that night. She'd known it like breathing, same as she had known the other pieces of lore and myth of the places beyond the normal world.

She had already waited far longer than she wanted for the return of her impetuous lord and King. The stress of waiting was higher than she cared for, no matter what her condition was.

She only had ever had one wish, and she had seen it granted, only to now possibly face losing him?

No, that would not do. She wanted this one thing, and it was hers to keep. Decision made, she swept into the room Jareth used as his throne room, and looked at the closest thing to a captain of the guard currently in place. "I want Hoggle here, now," she told him. "You!" She pointed to another. "Sir Didymus and Ambrosius. You there, find Ludo and bring him."

It was time to go get back what she wanted.

Sarah Williams, Labyrinth, they all belong to the Hensons, ~200 words
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She never saw a man or woman... )

Sarah Williams
All characters belong to the Henson Company
158 words
Adult Situations implied
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The Labyrinth was still on guard, but Sarah knew it would not menace her. She was part of its magic now, accepted and won over by Jareth at long last.

She had chosen to walk through it on her own to visit old friends, from Ludo and Sir Didymus to Hoggle. As she walked, though, she saw the changes wrought in it by their need to defend themselves from Darkness's incursions.

Gone were the innocuous challenges of her time. The guarded doors were armed, and the knockers both would lead the unwary into danger. The helping hands, even had grown sharp and vicious, though they were gentle to her in her visit to them.

All in all, the Labyrinth was a beautifully dangerous place, leaving her Lord and friends well guarded. She smiled, knowing that, and made her way back to the mortal world, to her world of costumes and dancing, content for now that all was well in the world she now called home, no matter how dangerously it had shaped to their needs.

Sarah Williams
Word Count: 175
All rights and ownership of this character belong to Henson and affiliates. No profit or harm intended.
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She listens to music to dance, sometimes to sing. It's part of her life, part of being the successful performer she has become. But none of it ever touches her the way his music did.

His songs, the melody of their lives entwined, given life by the words he sang to her, about her, for her...

That is the music she longs for, music that matters. Nothing else can compare.

Sarah Williams, Labyrinth, 70 words
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Never show your hand

Getting the present from the party to the rooms she had chosen in Goblin City had taken a little bit of persuasion on her part while Jareth had been, momentarily, distracted from her company. Still, Richard's children, she'd found, were an ever obliging lot, and as crafty as their father on getting around secretly. With her permission for the one time entry, the Labyrinth had allowed for the delivery and the exit of the wolfen cub.

The party had been intriguing, watching the various souls that had appeared. She had enjoyed speaking to Jenny, though saddened by what she could 'see' of the torment in store for her and Julian both in their star-crossed love.

Now, though, she looked at the sculpture, marveling again at the tiniest details. She truly hoped she had managed to keep Jareth unaware of the gift, as she wanted it to be a complete surprise. She took one of her scarves and covered it fully. When her lord came to find her, then she would reveal the gift.

Sarah Williams
Word Count: 173
All rights and ownership of this character belong to Henson and affiliates. No profit or harm intended.
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She had not traveled into the Musing Way often, but it was the easiest way to find the artist she wanted for her Lord's gift. She looked around, having anticipated meeting the artist again with not a little of her wishing.

The handsome Cajun, with his hair pulled back in a pony tail, sat at one of the tables in the mostly empty gathering place, lazily sketching.

"Mister LeBeau?"
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Set after Julian's visit

One staircase dissolved into one going at an impossible angle over her head. The baby cried, a sphere of purest glass fell effortlessly, undamaged from a step to the next. This time she caught the sphere, looking into its depths, and saw him. A future sweeping out in branching, myriad points, but he touched them all. The baby cried again, and she looked, remembering Toby, only that baby was not Toby, was not the familiar red and white jumpsuit-clad little boy. That was a baby she'd only seen in pictures, herself...not a baby either, but a child.... and then the features changed, becoming a child with two different colored eyes and her own dark hair... In the distance, a dark, low laugh rumbled in threat.

Sarah's eyes snapped open in the dark of her room, pushing away the dream, pushing away the unsettled feeling in the pit of her stomach. A glance at the clock revealed it was just past 3. She shuddered, as the witching hour was full and deep around her. She needed coffee, for there would be no sleep now.
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She is at a loss, and that is something she hates. With all that has happened recently, she needs to find the perfect thing, yet how? What do you find for the one you love, who can have anything he wishes?

"Julian..." She whispers the name, but the unconscious power within her makes it an invitation. He might know a suggestion.
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At Faire

Set late in high school

It had been a lark, to go with her few friends to the festival outside of town, wander around in fancy dress. Her costume drew many remarks, for it was elaborate and perfect in detail, but the fun was in the walk, in seeing the wares for sell.

Having her fortune told by the old woman with the Tarot cards had been just one more step in a day of relaxing fun, but the instant the woman began to turn the cards, a prickle of energy caressed her skin, raising fear and worry.

She saw the cards line up uncannily with her past, with her present, and then awaited the turning of the final two cards.

The five of cups, reinforcing the three of swords.

She didn't need the woman to tell her. She knew. Separation and heartbreak, loneliness and aching.

She forced a smile, laughed it away, but in the distance she thought she heard an owl crying to the night, and knew it had been a true reading. She was already living it, after all.
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What do you do, when you are but a girl, and you have shaped your own downfall? What do you do when in a moment of pique you set the opening gambit of a game you're unsure as to the rules of?

That is what I did, in letting my imagination run free. I called to the dread Goblin King, gave him shape and form within the mortal realm by my wishes. I was frightened, so very frightened, by what I had done in setting him free to play his game with me.

Yet, I learned so much. I learned to see past my own selfishness. I learned to build friendships that I'd never had time for in the past. I learned that sometimes, the only magic one really needs is the courage to press on.

There were other lessons learned, granted, but not all of them came to me in the span of the time I remained in the Labyrinth. Some would take years to unfold, and some are only now coming full circle.
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Sarah Williams was exhausted from living up to the cruel expectations of her stepmother, her teachers, and most of Toby's demands as a toddler. She felt the pencil lead snap as she tried, for the thirteenth time, to just get through her trigonometry homework. Privately, she groused that trig had been created by someone even worse than the Goblin King, even as she got up to go see about Toby's loud yelling, the cause of her breaking her pencil.

Honestly, there were days she wasn't sure why she had rescued him from the Goblin King, when it was perfectly evident Toby was a goblin in human form anyway.

"Toby!" she snapped as she rounded the corner from the kitchen into the living room, to see him pulling every pillow off the couch, yelling as he threw them this way and that. "Toby, what am I going to do with you!?" She sighed. "I swear, if only I had someone to call for help with you, brat!" She reached to pick up on pillow, and when she stood, Hoggle was standing there in the corner of the room.

"All you had to do was ask," he said sullenly, walking over in his peculiar gait to entertain the baby.

"Hoggle, you're a life saver!" Sarah said, beaming when Toby forgot all about the pillows as Sir Didymus and Ambrosius joined the fray with full enthusiasm.

Friends like them were a treasure indeed.

Her Plan

Sep. 16th, 2009 05:45 pm
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It was easier than she imagined. So many of her kind were temperamental in extreme, and the delicate ones seemed more so. She played on her suspicions that the actor had gained the role through less than ethical connections to the casting director. If he thought someone else was courting his attentions, someone with more influence...

Small gifts... )
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Sarah stormed from the stage in ire, ignoring the calls of her director and the hopeful pleas of the understudy. How dare that simpering fool of the lead play Oberon so...so...weakly? What in all that was true to the theater did the casting director think he was doing!

It would be a flop. The man would either need to grow a spine, or ... something. She was trying to keep her temper in check, her mind making ill-wishes the whole time, and the drive to her place only intensified her irritation.

"I should not have to play against talentless hacks who sleep their way into roles!" She had worked hard for her placements, proven time and again she knew how to perform, how to dance, how to sing....every talent needed to get ahead.

She slipped out of her working clothes, into a sheer robe over silken pajamas before sitting on her couch. Days like today left her too emotionally drained to dance, to truly enjoy life.


Sep. 8th, 2009 12:08 am
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How fitting, that he should find her again, as she was playing the role of an elven queen. However, her love for her King was not as wavering as Titania's, for Jareth was as firmly a part of her as she seemed to be of him.

She had wished, and he had granted...but what did that make her now?

He had given her his heart, and she had accepted it...how could she even think of the real world now?

Still, the Dance called to her, the latest lines running through her mind as she performed the moves, letting discipline still her too-quick pulse, letting the burn and stretch of muscles ease the tingle of where he had kissed her.
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Seven years, the magic number of fae and mortal alike, have passed, and yet still she dreams.

The sound of an owl in the night, the stir of a breeze in her draperies...the bold and elegant costumes at school...so little it takes to push her mind into reliving what it was to be inside the magic.

It never has helped that as Toby grew older, and became the terrible boy that all males can be, she had cause to see him as a goblin already. Wrong of her, but then, her imagination had always run free.

No man nor woman ever moves her the way her dreams do now. The merest breath of a kiss that never was in her fevered sleep leaves her burning more than any of the ardent suitors at her door.

No, they are not for her, just as the dream is now unreachable. For her, there is only the Art, no more, no less.

Art, alone, is her power.
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